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DeWitt Genealogy Net Ring
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What is a Net Ring?

A way of linking similar sites together so that it is easier to locate what you are looking for

What is the purpose of this ring

The purpose of the DeWitt Genealogy Net Ring is to link pages of researchers the DeWitt name and varients together.

Requirements to Join this ring

Your web page must

How to Join

  1. Submit your information using the this form.
  2. Copy the HTML code that is show after you have submitted your details (or in the e-mail you will get) into your web page.
  3. Send me an telling me that your page has the code.

It is that simple. Once I have verified that the code is on your web page I will add you to the ring.

Editing your site details

If you are allready a member of the net ring and wish to change your detail use the following to log in
Site ID #