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NameJohn R. Van Son   USA 12 October 2014
Interested InThe van Son and Verstegen families from Rhenoy - Acquoy area of Netherlands
CommentI have been to the Rhenoy - Acquoy area several
times and my grandfather was born in Rhenoy in 1859.
Interested in anything to do with my family

NameEelco Wouter Dijkgraaf   netherland 16 September 2011
Interested InAdding to lucas hendrik Dijkgraaf born 01-03-1941
CommentMy second son is born on 10-09-2009
My sister (Irene Jeanette Dijkgraaf 04-04-1970) died on 06-05-2011

NameDarlene Yanez   America 12 December 2010
Interested InAdding to Bernard Dykgraaf genealogy.
CommentBernard and I had three children, Stefan in 1966, Randy in 1969 and Yvonne in 1971. Stefan has one child, Randy has three children and Yvonne has two children.

NameSybe Wiersma   The Netherlands 27 July 2009
Interested InRelatives to the family of Job Dijkgraaf and his wife Miep Racké. They moved in the early 50s from Holland to America. Miep is the sister of Joop S. Racké, my father in law. I married Mieke Racké in 1971 and together still.
CommentJoop S. Racké (1909-1983) was a church organist and amateur filmer since 1947. Most of his films are now digitalized by myself and I putted them on You Tube. Former citizens of Brielle will recognize many of the faces, events and places he shot on film.

NameRhonda Hilwerda Tintle   California USA 25 June 2009
Interested In1. Hilwerda 2. Antje Pieters Dijkstra 1864 - 1940 3. Rins Spits
CommentMy Grandfather: Willem Jans Hilwerda (1892 - 1965) Netherlands;

My Great-Grandfather
Jan Willems Hilwerda (1862 - 1905) Netherlands;

My Great-Grandmother: Antje Pieters Dijkstra 1864 - 1940

NameMark Jbailen-Benner   USA 06 May 2009
Interested Infinding a person

NameGert Scholten   The Netherlands 03 February 2009
Interested InDijkgraaf-families all over the world
CommentWe're looking for Sakia Dijkgraaf, born in 1980 in Greenwich. Please contact us.
Thanks in advance!

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