This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of (SMOUTER). Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Bastiaen Kleysse [I2353] about 1597 Aegien CORNELIS [I2354] Claes Dirckzen (SMOUTER) ??
Claes Dirckzen [I2346] about 1575 ?? [I2347] Alette [I8695] Dirck SMOUTER
Commerken [I2351] 27 August 1594   Claes Dirckzen (SMOUTER) ??
Cornelis Claeszn. [I2350] October 1590 Annichje ARIENSD [I7021] Claes Dirckzen (SMOUTER) ??
Heijndrickje Jacobs [I8852] about 1645   Jacob Kleysz (SMOUTER) Leijntien Pieters JORYSCHE
Henderick [I2352] 29 July 1595   Claes Dirckzen (SMOUTER) ??
Jacob (Jaap) [I1866]     Geertruida Jacoba van PUTTEN [I1955] Jan SMOUTER Trijntje TIMMERS
Jacob Kleysz [I1226] 1609 before 1660 Maijke CORNELIS [I8697] Leijntien Pieters JORYSCHE [I1227] Claes Dirckzen (SMOUTER) Alette
Leijntge Leenderts [I8848]   before 21 December 1636 Cornelis Pieters QUAL [I8849] Leendert Antheunis SMOUTERS
Lysbeth [I2349] July 1589   Claes Dirckzen (SMOUTER) ??
Mariannam [I7072] March 1743   Michaelis SMOUTER Mariannae
Pleune Claeszn. [I2348] December 1585 Sara PIETERSDR. [I7020] Claes Dirckzen (SMOUTER) ??
Trijntje [I7019] 29 September 1611   Claes Dirckzen (SMOUTER) Alette