Dijkgraaf Family Genealogy

Stehouwer Ancestral line

Much of the following information comes from Piet Ouwens web page Stamboom Familie Stehouwer

Generation VIII

  1. Pieter Teunisz STEHOUWER.
    Born circa 1736 in Sandelingen-Ambacht.
    Died circa 1784 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    Son of Teunis Cornelisz STEHOUWER (see 492) and Lijsbeth (Elizabeth) Pieters HUIJSER (HUIJZER) (see 493).
    Partner is
  2. Adriaantje Pietersdr VISSER.
    Born circa 1745 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    Died on 09-12-1816 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    Daughter of Pieter VISSER and Pietertje van 'T ZELFDE.
    From this marriage:
    1. Teunis STEHOUWER.
      Born on 30-09-1774.
      Died on 26-02-1855 in Dubbeldam at the age of 80.
    2. Pieter Pietersz. STEHOUWER.
      Born on 08-12-1775.
      Died on 08-06-1839 in Ridderkerk at the age of 63.
    3. Leendert Pietersz STEHOUWER.
      Born on 05-06-1780.
      Died on 11-10-1841 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht at the age of 61.
    4. Pietertje Pietersdr. STEEHOUWER

Generation IX

  1. Teunis Cornelisz STEHOUWER.
    Born 1708.
    Christened on 22-11-1708 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    Died circa 1742 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    Son of Cornelis Jacobsz DROOGENDIJK-STEDEHOUDER (see 984) and Geertje Jansdr. GROENEVELT (see 985).
    Married on 01-03-1735 in Ridderkerk.
    Spouse is the 28 years old
  2. Lijsbeth (Elizabeth) Pieters HUIJSER (HUIJZER).
    Christened on 07-03-1706 in Ridderkerk.
    Died on 28-04-1782 in Sandelingen Ambacht at the age of 76.
    check death date Stehouwer has it as 28 Apr, IGI as 30 Apr.
    Daughter of Pieter Crijnen HUIJZER and Geertruij Pietersdr. van NOORT.
    From this marriage:
    1. Pieter Teunisz STEHOUWER (see 246).
    2. Arij Teunisz STEHOUWER.
      Born circa 1738 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
      Died on 12-07-1813 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    3. Geertje Teunisdr STEHOUWER.
      Born circa 1740 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
      Died on 01-07-1822 in IJsselmonde.
    4. Cornelis Teunisz STEHOUWER.
      Born circa 1742.
      Died before 1796.

Generation X

    Born circa 1662.
    Christened on 11-05-1662 in Rijsoord.
    Died on 19-02-1723 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    Son of Jacob Teunisz DROOGENDIJCK (STEEHOUWER) (see 1968) and Lijntje Pieters VINCK (see 1969).
    Married on 20-02-1695 in Rijsoord.
    Spouse is
  2. Geertje Jansdr. GROENEVELT.
    Born circa 1673 in Peursem.
    Died before 1723 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    Daughter of Jan GROENEVELT.
    From this marriage:
    1. Aagje STEHOUWER.
      Born 1695.
      Christened on 31-07-1695 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
      Died 10-1753 in Puttershoek.
    2. Jacob STEHOUWER.
      Born 1697.
      Christened on 03-11-1697 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
      Married circa 1732 in Mijnsheerenland.
      Spouse is Maria Pieters RIJSDIJK.
      Born 1709.
      Christened on 24-11-1709 in Mijnsheerenland.
      Died on 11-12-1794 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
      Daughter of Pieter Aarts RIJSDIJK and Macheltje Leenderts HOOGEWERF.
    3. Lijntje STEHOUWER.
      Born 1700.
      Christened on 28-03-1700 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    4. Leentje STEHOUWER.
      Born 1703.
      Christened on 05-04-1703 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
    5. Jan STEHOUWER.
      Born 1705.
      Christened on 15-02-1705 in Hendrik Ido Amb.
    6. Teunis Cornelisz STEHOUWER (see 492).
    7. Pieter Cornelisse STEHOUWER.
      Born 1711.
      Christened on 18-11-1711 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
      Died on 19-12-1771 in Sandelingen Ambacht.

Generation XI

    Born circa 1625 in Rijsoord?.
    Christened on 27-06-1610 in Rijsoord.
    Died before 1688.
    Son of Teunis (Anthonis) Aerts (STEEHOUWER) (see 3936) and Mariken Jacobsdr. (see 3937).
    Married on 28-04-1652 in Rijsoord.
    Spouse is the 23 years old
  2. Lijntje Pieters VINCK.
    Christened on 02-01-1629 in Rijsoord.
    Died circa 1712 in Ridderkerk.
    Daughter of Pieter VYNCKEN and Ariaentje Cornelis.
    From this marriage:
    1. Teunis Jacobs STEEHOUWER.
      Born 1653.
      Christened on 16-02-1653 in Rijsoord.
      Married (1) on 14-08-1678 in Rijsoord.
      Spouse is Stijntje JANS.
      Married (2) on 08-10-1684 in Rijsoord.
      Spouse is Lijsbeth Bastiaans van NES.
    2. Pieter Jacobs STEEHOUWER.
      Born 1657.
      Christened on 12-08-1657 in Rijsoord.
    3. Cornelis Jacobsz DROOGENDIJK-STEDEHOUDER (see 984).
    4. Arij Jacobs STEHOUWER.
      Born 1666.
      Christened on 31-01-1666 in Rijsoord.
    5. Maria STEEHOUWER.
      Born 1670.
      Christened on 19-01-1670 in Rijsoord.

Generation XII

  1. Teunis (Anthonis) Aerts (STEEHOUWER).
    Born circa 1575 in Rijsoord?.
    Died before 1634.
    Son of Aert Heijmansz (see 7872) and <Mrs Aert> (see 7873).
    Married on 20-04-1602 in Rijsoord.
    Spouse is
  2. Mariken Jacobsdr.
    Born circa 1581 in Maasdam?.
    Died after 1634.
    From this marriage:
    1. Margriete Teunis (STEHOUWER).
      Christened on 29-06-1603 in Rijsoord.
      Died circa 1605.
    2. Annetge Teunis.
      Christened on 17-04-1605 in Rijsoord.
      Died circa 1607.
    3. Neeltje Teunis (STEEHOUWER).
      Christened on 17-04-1605 in Rijsoord.
      check christening date, Shehouwer has abt 1623, IGI has 17 Apr 1605 same as Anne tge, who is not in IGI.
    4. Crijntjen (STEEHOUWER).
      Christened on 16-04-1606 in Rijsoord.
    5. Aeriaentien Teunis (STEHOUWER).
      Christened on 16-09-1607 in Rijsoord.
    6. Lijsbeth Teunis.
      Christened on 09-04-1608 in Rijsoord.
      Died before 1666.
    7. Arie (STEEHOUWER).
      Christened on 13-04-1608 in Rijsoord.
    8. Maeijken (Maartje) Teunis.
      Christened on 17-06-1612 in Rijsoord.
    9. Arie (STEEHOUWER).
      Christened on 04-03-1613 in Rijsoord.
    10. Pleun (STEEHOUWER).
      Christened on 28-03-1617 in Rijsoord.
    11. Bastiaan (STEEHOUWER).
      Christened on 24-11-1619 in Rijsoord.
    12. Adriaen Anthonisz (STEHOUWER).
      Christened on 20-12-1620 in Rijsoord.
      Died before 1666 in Heer Oudelands Ambacht.
    13. Pieter (STEEHOUWER).
      Christened on 27-02-1622 in Rijsoord.
    14. Grietje Teunis.
      Born circa 1623.
      Died before 1678.
    15. Jacob Teunisz DROOGENDIJCK (STEEHOUWER) (see 1968).

Generation XIII

  1. Aert Heijmansz.
    Born circa 1530 in Rijsoord?.
    Died after 1609.

    The oldest ancester known was Aert Heijmansz which means Aert son of Heijman. W hen it was decided that people had to take on a surname to distinguish them from people with the same name although not related, the famil y took on the name Droogendijck because they lived there. Droogendijk means dry dike.

    Later the son of Jacob Teunisz Droogendijck and Lijntje Pieters Vinck called Cornelis Jacobsz. Droogendijck (maried to Geertje Jansdr. Groenevelt) took on the name Stedehouder which changed during the generation to Stehouwer.

    The Stehouwer family is very big and spread out all over the world.

    Why he changed his name from Droogendijck to Stedehouder is not known He had an uncle Cornelis Aert Heijmans who was stedehouder of a place called Hendrik Ido Ambacht. A stedehouder used to be an important pos ition in the local government. Nowadays we would call him vice-mayor or something like that. This uncle had no children and your ancestor Jacob Teunisz Droogendijck was one of the heirs. He sold the house his uncle used to live in a bout the time that Cornelis Jacobsz was born and it is thought that his son was named after his uncle. (Piet Ouwens)

    Son of Heijman (see 15744).
    Married circa 1574 in Rijsoord?.
    Spouse is
  2. <Mrs Aert>.
    Born circa 1553 in <Rijsoord.
    From this marriage:
    1. Cornelis Aertsz.
      Born circa 1565.
    2. Teunis (Anthonis) Aerts (STEEHOUWER) (see 3936).

Generation XIV

    From this marriage:
      Aert Heijmansz (see 7872).

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