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woman‎Maddy Maria Josephina "Maddy" Zekhuis‏‎, daughter of Name Withheld and Name Withheld‏.
Born ‎19 Jan 1972 Tubbergen (Geesteren), died ‎05 May 2004 Almelo‎, 32 years, buried ‎11 May 2004 Tubbergen (Reutum), parochiĆ«le kerkhof. Occupation: verzorgende Thuiszorg Noord West Twente

Married/ Related to:

manName Withheld‏, son of Steven "Steef" Dijkgraaf and Name Withheld‏. PRIVACY FILTER
1st married/ related to: Maddy Maria Josephina "Maddy" Zekhuis, 2nd married/ related to: Diane


man‎Name Withheld‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER