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man‎Name Withheld‏‎, son of Pablo Padilla and Ofelia Griner‏. PRIVACY FILTER

Married/ Related to:

womanJohanna Dijkgraaf‏, daughter of Jacob "Jaap/Jake" Dijkgraaf and Levina van Doeselaar‏.
Born ‎08 Oct 1928 Rotterdam, died ‎05 Oct 1998 Tulare, Tulare County, California‎, 69 years, buried ‎09 Oct 1998 Tulare, Tulare County, California, North Tulare Cemetery, 1st married/ related to: Louis Orman "Louis" Tilley, 2nd married/ related to: Name Withheld, ‎3rd married/ related to: Name Withheld