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man‎John De Graff‏‎, son of Johannis "Hans/John" Dijkgraaf De Graff and Johanna Hobbel‏.
Born ‎23 Nov 1915 Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey, died ‎22 Oct 1997 Hudson, Pasco County, Florida (National Healthcare)‎, 81 years. Occupation: foreman for William Spencer & Son Shipping company

Married to:

womanName Withheld‏, daughter of Charles "Charlie" Pedersen and Maren Josephsen‏. PRIVACY FILTER


manRichard De Graff‏
Born ‎21 Oct 1942 Brooklyn, New York County, New York, died ‎10 Mar 1994 Brooklyn, New York County, New York‎, 51 years. Occupation: owner trucking business

woman‎Name Withheld‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER