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man‎Clifton Ostrow Starks‏‎, son of Walter Starks and Gertrude‏.
Born ‎31 Oct 1914 Buffalo, Erie County, New York, died ‎23 Mar 1993 Buffalo, Erie County, New York‎, 78 years. Occupation: working in the Merchant Marines

Married ‎02 Jul 1951 Waukegau, Lake County, Illinois (41 years married) to:

womanDolores "Dee" De Graff‏, daughter of N.N. and Hattie "Harriet" De Graff‏.
Born ‎25 Dec 1929 Marytown, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, died ‎20 Jan 2010 Buffalo, Erie County, New York‎, 80 years


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man‎Kevin Deis "Kevin" Starks‏‎
Born ‎06 Jan 1955 Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, died ‎28 May 2009 Santee, San Diego County, California‎, 54 years. Occupation: Human Resources Consultant

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