UITVLUGT, Jacob Hendrik

Birth Name UITVLUGT, Jacob Hendrik
Name Jake
Gender male
Age at Death 61 years, 7 months, 21 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1889-07-31 Dordrecht, Zuid Holland, Nederland   1a  
Death 1951-03-21      
Burial   Boardman Township Cemetery, Kalkaska County, Michigan, U.S.A    


REFN 9160


Father UITVLUGT, Aggo [I4477]
Mother ROLFFS, Wouterina Antonia [I4476]
  1. UITVLUGT, Henedrik Jacob [I9576]
  2. UITVLUGT, Hendrik Jacob [I9161]
  3. UITVLUGT, Martinus [I8616]
  4. UITVLUGT, Anna Martha [I9529]
  5. UITVLUGT, Martha Anna [I9531]
  6. UITVLUGT, Doodgeboren kind [I9532]
  7. UITVLUGT, Anna Martha [I8932]
  8. UITVLUGT, Martha [I8928]
  9. UITVLUGT, Wouter Antonie [I8936]


Married Wife ROLFFS, Anna Wilhelmina [I9163]
  Marriage 1915-06-12 at Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1b
  REFN 3225
  1. UITVLUGT, Woutrina Antonia [I9227]
  2. UITVLUGT, Hendrik Loudolf [I9228]
  3. UITVLUGT, Jeanette Marie [I9229]
  4. UITVLUGT, Agatha Cornelia [I9230]
  5. UITVLUGT, Aggo Jacob [I9231]
  6. UITVLUGT, Martin William [I9232]
  7. UITVLUGT, Cornelis [I9233]
  8. UITVLUGT, Anna Martha [I9234]


Aggo Uitvlugt, Wouterina Antonia Rolffs family

Aggo Uitvlugt, Wouterina Antonia Rolffs family

Jacob Hendrik Uitvlugt USA naturalisation document

Jacob Hendrik Uitvlugt USA naturalisation document


The two oldest sons moved to the USA in 1913. Jacob Hendrik then later moved to Ohio, where he worked in a factory. Hendrik Jacob moved to Canada

Source References

  1. Geneology and family history of Hendrik Ludolf Rolffs 1983 [S714]
    1. Confidence: High;   Text: Jacob Hendrik Uitvlugt born July 31, 1889 Child of Wouterina Rolffs and Aggo Jacob Uitvlugt
    2. Confidence: High;   Text: Anna Wilhelmina Rolffs, born June 11, 1892 where: Sprang Capella, the Netherlands married: June 12, 1915 @@ Windsor, Ontario, Canada died: April 13,1983 buried: Boardman Township Cemetery. Jacob Henrik Uitvlugt, born July 3l, 1889 where: Dordrecht, the Netherlands died: March 21, 1951 buried: Boardman Township Cemetery, Kalkaska County, Michigan Children: 4. Woutrina (Rina) Antonia, born, September 9, 1916 4. Hendrik Loudolf, born, August 9, 1917 4. Jeanette Marie, born, March 22, 1919 4. Agatha Cornelia, born, May 16, 1922 4. Aggo Jacob, born, February 14, 1925 4. Martin William, born, January 19, 1928 4. Cornelius, born, April 7, 19JO 4. Anna Martha, born June 16, 19J6
    3. Confidence: High


  1. UITVLUGT, Aggo
    1. ROLFFS, Wouterina Antonia
      1. UITVLUGT, Henedrik Jacob
      2. UITVLUGT, Jacob Hendrik
        1. ROLFFS, Anna Wilhelmina
          1. UITVLUGT, Woutrina Antonia
          2. UITVLUGT, Hendrik Loudolf
          3. UITVLUGT, Jeanette Marie
          4. UITVLUGT, Agatha Cornelia
          5. UITVLUGT, Aggo Jacob
          6. UITVLUGT, Martin William
          7. UITVLUGT, Cornelis
          8. UITVLUGT, Anna Martha
      3. UITVLUGT, Hendrik Jacob
      4. UITVLUGT, Martinus
      5. UITVLUGT, Anna Martha
      6. UITVLUGT, Martha Anna
      7. UITVLUGT, Doodgeboren kind
      8. UITVLUGT, Anna Martha
      9. UITVLUGT, Martha
      10. UITVLUGT, Wouter Antonie